Helpful Resources for Finding Dental Care

Assistance programs vary from state to state. Locate your state on the list below and contact your state dental society to find out about care in your area. Another possible source of lower-cost dental care is a dental school clinic. Generally, dental costs in school clinics are reduced and may include only partial payment for professional services covering the cost of materials and equipment. Your state society should be able to tell you if there is a clinic in your area.

View contact information for all State Dental Associations

For more resources, please visit the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors.

If you need dental care for your child, the Give Kids A Smile program may be able to help. You can call their toll-free number to find out whether there is a GKAS program in your area: 1-844-490-GKAS. Through GKAS, children who may not have access to dental health services can receive free dental health education, screenings, preventive care, and/or dental treatment from volunteer dentists and dental team members. More than 5.5 million children have received free dental health services since the national Give Kids A Smile program began in 2003. We can also help direct you to clinics closest to your home from HRSA.

Additionally, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides free or low-cost health coverage for more than 7 million children up to age 19. CHIP covers U.S. citizens and eligible immigrants.